Interview with Stephanie McAfee Author of Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

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BLVR: Welcome to the Dollhouse, Stephanie!

SM: Thank you! Thank you so much for having me! 

BLVR: What does it feel like? Over the past two years you’ve written a book, self-published it, and then saw it picked up by a major publishing company, and now you are on tour around the country promoting your book!

SM: I still can’t really believe it. My thoughts on that started with something along the lines of, “When I sign the contract, I’ll believe it.” Next came, “When I have the book in my hand, I’ll believe it.” Then it was, “When I see this book on the shelf, I’ll believe it.” Now, I’m on the second part of my tour and I’m thinking, “Maybe when I finish the tour…” It has truly been an amazing, fantastic, and unbelievable experience.

BLVR: DIARY OF A MAD FAT GIRL made me laugh and cry! The characters are so endearing. Why did you choose to set the characters in their late 20′s / early 30′s?

SM: I think that’s a time when a lot of people look at their life and think, “Okay, is this road that I chose when I was twenty taking me to where I want to be when I’m forty, fifty, or when I retire?” Sometimes people decide that major changes have to be made in order to get on (or off) a certain path.

BLVR: DOAMFG is by no means a one dimensional story. In fact there is a lot going on in this little book! The book is exploding with one funny side story after another! They really keep this book exciting. Were you ever tempted to pull back on the action?

SM: From the very beginning, it was all about creating distinctive characters and over-the-top action. I was determined not to err on the side of boredom. I did tone it down a bit in the revisions for the new print version that was released in February.

BLVR: DOAMFG is full of visual elements that would translate wonderfully to the big screen. How would you feel about your story being adapted by Hollywood?

SM: I would love that! I would be so excited! I think it could be a very, very funny movie.

BLVR: I have to ask this and I know you are probably tired of hearing it but, what is next for you? will there be a nother book in your future?

SM: I’m not tired of hearing that at all! I actually just finished the sequel, Happily Ever Madder, which should be out this fall. And there will be at least one more Ace Jones adventure after that.

BLVR: I am so happy to have had this opportunity to spend some time with you. Your book is wonderful and our readers are going to love it! Please visit us again!

SM: Anytime! I would love to! Thank you so much!

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