Ardeur by Danielle Gavan

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Ardeur (Abbey of Angels, #1) by Danielle Gavan

Possessed and on the run…

Desperate to evict her demon, Necromancer Ardeur Blais Lisle never dreamed of finding herself in Mount Angel Abbey, or that it would a sanctuary run by angels. It seems to be the perfect solution to her problem when she discovers the key to getting rid of her co-pilot. She persuades the Angel of Death to intercede; but the consequences are direr than expected. He’s playing for keeps.

A promise kept…

Released from military service, Werewolf Brody Callaghan never expected to find the woman he’d sworn to find running down the street towards him, and straight into the path of a speeding BMW. Fate steers him towards the Abbey and will give him what he wants – but he’ll have to fight Death for it, and the angel is playing dirty.

Her freedom might be the end of Ardeur’s relationship with Brody and a life away from everything she never thought she’d have in the arms of a werewolf with dimples and a charmer’s grin. They’ll have to race to save their love, and unborn children, from an off his rocker angel. With the clock ticking they’ll have to figure it out, and fast.


Gosh – where to begin?

This novel has a promising start but falls apart quickly. The writing style in the first few chapters is completely different by the second half of the book. So while the book begins with a polished smoothly written style it transitions to a quirky colloquial southerness. I don’t think this is a tool the author has employed to reflect Ardeur’s transition but rather it speaks to poor editing. 

Intersecting story lines run amuck introducing new supernatural creatures and wildly diversive sub plots.  Towards the end of the book – I was so confused I just wanted to close the cover. It felt like Gavan was taking every magical creature she had ever heard of and was trying to stuff them into this story.

Which leads us to angels vs. werewolves. Angels are hot right now and Gavan jumps on the bandwagon as Ardeur finds herself given refuge at a supernatural retreat run by angels. Then, she finds out in a major plot point that she herself is an angel! As well as a necromancer and a demon keeper! And not only is she and angel – she is an angel with two powers where most have one. She is an angel of anger & wrath. Yup – all in one little package. All that’s missing is the kitchen sink.

The relationship between werewolves and angels threw me for a loop. In most stories, angels are supremely strong only meeting their equals with a handfull of demons. In Gavan’s story, werewolves are stronger than angels, including being stronger than the angel of death.  So – Ardeur’s recently re-connected with lost love – Brody – who happens to be an alpha werewolf – is able to defeat the angel of death with nary an issue.

Further – I never fully understood how Ardeur could not overwhelm her demon or vice versa?  And since her demon was addicted to porn, I thought he and her captors would attempt to assault her but they never did. In other words – the hierarchical order of beings in this book is arbitrary and confusing but keeping the heroine’s virginity intact is paramount.

There are plenty of smexy parts between Ardeur and Brody but at times they feel cliche and more like filler. And as strange as this may sound – I found myself wondering about the physical dynamics of some of their positions. Could they really do that with their height difference?

Gavan has potential.  If she could focus on writing less story lines and more on developing the main arc her novel would be easier to read.  Instead of introducing so many characters, why not stick with  few and see them through?  Lastly – it is crucial to keep the novel’s tone consistent throughout – a simple fix with a strong editor.


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