Charlaine Harris Signing at Murder By The Book in Houston, TX May 11, 2012

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May 11, 2012 Houston, TX

Charlaine Harris visited Houston, Texas last night promoting her latest book in The Southern Vampire Series, DEADLOCKED. The event was hosted by Houston’s Murder By The Book bookstore.  The standing room only crowd was close to 500 people according to MBTB Publicity Manager, John Kiwatkowski.

A diverse audience listened to Harris answer questions from around the room. Most of the questions were old favorites.

  • “How did you come up with the name Sookie Stackhouse?” Charlaine explained that she wanted a traditional southern name ergo Sookie; while Stackhouse just seemed like a good match.
  • “Any chance you’ll go back to writing the Lilly Bard series?”  Although the darkest of her series, she had no plans to revisit that series at this time.
  • “Is it hard keeping all the details straight?” Charlaine chuckled and responded that it was, and that in fact she had hired Victoria Koski as her continuity editor to help keep it all straight.
  • “Have the characters on “TRUEBLOOD”  turned out the way she would have expected?” Not at all.

Other questions focused on new projects.

  • “Have they casted the roles for “Cemetary Girl” yet?” Not yet. She is excited about some of the names the producers have mentioned and is very confident about the direction they are taking.
  • “Will you continue to edit anthologies?” Yes was the resounding answer and some surprises can be expected in AN APPLE FOR THE CREATURE.
Charlaine then began the signing portion of the evening with about 200 people having received tags.  Bon Temps shirts, Kindle book readers, and a cross sections of Charlaine’s books were signed in an orderly fashion.
“Charlaine has always been a big draw at our store. Once the SVS books gained momentum and the TV series became so popular her signings grew exponentially in size.  We’ve noticed that PNR/UF fans tend to be a little younger and more vivacious in size and we love having them.” John Kwiatkowski said.
Harris is scheduled to be in Austin, TX May 12, 2012.




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