Interview: Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter

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PBD: There is a distinct difference in tone between The Lords of the Underworld and The Angels of the Dark. The Lords are immersed in the human world around them assimilating in ways that include all the latest trends. On the other hand, The Angels couldn’t be less concerned about the human realm. Their speech and physical demeanor are otherworldly and devoid of jocularity or colloquialisms. Do you find yourself approaching the writing process for each series differently? Was it strange?

Gena: I tried to keep the vast differences in the upbringing of the Lords and the upbringing of the Angels as I wrote. The Lords have lived among humans most of their lives and have been immersed in culture (whether they accepted it or not) and the Angels have concerned themselves only with the destruction of evil.

PBD: Your Angels are warriors and in the case of Zacharel – also a virgin. Did you enjoy adding that twist to this hero?

Gena: I did like that, yes! There’s something so wonderful about turning the tables and watching the male experience all of the firsts.

PBD: Wicked Nights has one of the most disturbing prologues I have ever read. Were you worried about starting the book and series off with such a tragic and bloody scene? How do you get into the right frame of mind to develop these types of scenes? 

Gena: The prologue you read is actually a toned down version of what I originally wrote. Believe it or not, the first one was far more graphic and dark, dark, dark. But I wanted readers to see what Annabelle saw, even though it was so horrific. Or maybe because it was so horrific.

PBD: Annabelle is a rock! Despite years of abuse and horrific attacks – your heroine has not been broken. Why was this so important to you?

Gena: I have several family members who have these amazing cores of iron. When they become determined to do something, nothing will sway them. I saw that same quality in Annabelle, and knew her determination to survive, to never let the bad guy win, would see her through anything.

PBD: Wicked Nights is permeated with issues regarding faith and transformation. Did you intend to be so philosophical when you first conceived this series? How do you think your fans will react?

Gena: Actually, no. Just like with the prologue, the book you read isn’t the one I originally wrote. But after I turned the book in, I became very, very sick and spent two months in bed. It was an awful time, and I was in so much pain. I was told I would suffer that way the rest of my life. I had to unbury my own faith to walk out of that sickbed healed. Then the revisions for the book came in and I found myself desperate to take a very dark book and inject some light, and show that no matter the circumstances you can overcome.

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