Mother’s Day Picks 2012

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Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming. Birds are singing. Mothers everywhere are preparing their wish lists – dropping hints, sending emails or simply giving thanks for the loved ones in their lives. But what if your mother is the woman who has everything? I know, right! Well – here are some of my top picks to help you put a smile on her face.

  1. Buy her an e-reader! I don’t care what kind you buy but get her one – now!
  2. If she has an e-reader give her a gift card to get more books or e-reader accessories.
  3. Manicure/pedicure/massage – The trifecta of pampering. Want to take it over the top? Add getting her hair done. Seriously – everyone feel special when they’ve had a day of TLC.

By now, I know you are thinking – well, gee – I already thought of those things you are supposed to suggest special things that will make her tear up!  So without further adieu, more options! 

  1. The most delicious rum cakes I have ever tasted come from Mrs. Gattis Gourmet in League City, TX.  Made with rum from a boutique distillery just a few miles away, these cakes are moist and amazing.  She also makes phenomenal cupcakes.  These cakes never disappoint.
  2. Personalized stationary.  I know this sounds old fashioned but I love personalized note pads, stationary or just pretty sticky notes.  Colorful Images carries all sorts of neat things that can be personalized.  Great service and new products are being added every few months. Take advantage of the 15% off coupon on my home page and buy her or yourself something nice.
  3. Chocolate! Not just any chocolate but hand dipped chocolates and truffles made of the finest Belgian chocolate.  The Chocolat Boutique in Fort Mill, SC, has been tempting folks for years with flavors like Dark Cayenne, Strawberry & Black Pepper, Guinness (Brilliant!) and Black Forest.  They will ship almost anywhere (as long as they can guarantee the freshness of the delivery) and the presentation boxes are lovely. Send her a little bite of heaven for her special day.
  4. Coffee! Raven’s Brew Coffee in Tumwater, WA, makes the most amazing blends I think I’ve ever tried.  Their Resurrection Blend does everything it’s name implies.  Full bodied, low acidity and rich – this brew will get your day started on the right foot!
  5. Tea!  So – she prefers tea, no problem!  Bigelow is a family owned company that is bringing tea back to the US in the form of a tea plantation in Charleston, SC.  It is the only tea plantation in the US.  They provide daily tours of the plantation and provide updates on events at the plantation via their FB and newsletter.  Their site is filled with beautiful gifts but I really must recommend Wild Encounter from their Novus brand. A fruity herbal tea with just the right amount of acidity and a fragrance reminiscent of rose petals and apples.  A wonderful way to relax away the day’s stress.
  6. I love to watch movies and HBO shows but I am terrible at returning DVDs on time to the store or the mail movie service, that’s why I love Roku.  I can pick and chose almost whatever I want to watch when I want to watch it.  This little box plugs into your TV in 2 secs.  You choose the services you want access to and pay the associated fee.  So if you want to have access to Netflix all the time – you can pay $8 bucks a months and you can watch whatever they have.  Or you can go to and pay only for the shows or movies you want to see.  There are tons of channels – many providing free content.  I watched an old Tarzan movie from the 1940’s with my eldest son the other night.  It was in B&W and had no computer imagery.  imagine his surprise!

There are so many more things I would add to this list like flowers, body wash, clothes, jewelry & restaurants but you don’t have all day.  What are some of your recommendations?  I’m always on the look out for new wonderful things.

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