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Dear Bookies:

Welcome to a new feature – VintageInk’s Reading Room. 

I have a dear friend, VintageInk, who is always reading the most interesting books. She is terribly busy and a voracious reader which means that I can never get more than a few words out of her about a book. Inevitably though her choice’s will appear on the best sellers lists months after she has recommended them to me.  Or, her choices will be future favorites on my list. Every few weeks, I will check in with her to see what is new on her list and then I will share that list with you. Please join me on this voyeur’s journey through VintageInk’s Reading Room.

June 2012

Terry Pratchett – Lords and the Ladies  



Listening to The Lord of the Rings (I usually read it, but I thought listening to it would be good too) 




The Strain – Guillermo del Toro/Chuck Hogan 


The Poison Eaters And Other Stories – Holly Black



Samlade Svenska Kulter (a swedish book by Anders Fager)




The Final Solution – Michael Chabon



I´m thinking about picking up The Affinity Bridge (George Mann) too.




Oh, and I have to reread Ray Bradbury. Actually, I’ve been in a rereading mood lately, so not too many new books.

– VintageInk

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