Plagiarism in the Blog World: Updated May 26, 2012

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Many of you may be familiar with the recent plagiarism scandal rocking the book blogging world. A blogger known as The Story Siren (YA Lit) was discovered to have heavily plagiarized parts of her site content from other bloggers. When confronted with proof of her transgression, she did not immediately deny the allegations nor did she apologize. Since then, supporters on each side of the issue have passionately attacked all involved and the issue far from dying down is escalating on many fronts. This week Twitter was the platform for a fresh tactic. Anti-TSS individuals/bloggers began tweeting publishing houses directly demanding that they withdraw their support from The Story Siren.

The twitter poster’s name has been deleted to protect their privacy.

“@Scholastic Why do you continue to support & provide ARCs to plagiarist blogger @Thestorysiren?

What are your thoughts on this subject and specifically on the use of a Twitter campaign in this fashion?

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