Review: Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

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An exciting action packed thriller! Watch out Hollywood – you just found your next blockbuster!

Olivia Warren is Skilled. A Tracker able to find anyone she’s looking for using only a sample of their blood. In a world where the Un-Skilled, look the other way, and the Skilled are quickly allied either by deception or coercion with organized crime families, Liv is an Independent fighting for her life. Cameron Caballero is a Skilled Name Tracker, desperately in love with Liv and unable to get over the fateful night six years earlier when Liv walked out on him and everyone she knew without a word. Now, fate brings them back together when a childhood friend’s husband is shot in cold blood and the police refuse to investigate. Desperate for answers, Anne Lawson turns to Liv & Cam for help tracking down her husband’s killer and unraveling the mystery surrounding his death. Soon the friends find themselves entangled in a web of treachery so deep it threatens to tear apart the world as they know it.

Blood Bound is the first installment in a three part series. Vincent lays out a structure for organized crime in her paranormal world that is new and exciting. Easily set apart by the variety of Skills her characters exhibit, Vincent has struck a nice departure from typical UF. But it was the level of action and mystery that sucked me in and made the pages turn faster and faster. Vincent’s Liv Warren is one tough chick, smart & too stubborn for her own good. Her struggle to find a moral balance in the cesspool of her professional life is both admirable and endearing.

Frankly, I would cut out a few pages and this book would be a lean mean 5 star page turner. But there were also moments when I found myself re-reading a line to savor its simple perfection. Either way, this book has hooked me and I’m chomping at the bit to see what Vincent has up her sleeve in the next installment, Shadow Bound.

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