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HIDDEN TALENTS is the perfect package of Supes, romance, mystery and HEA!

When Ari tracks her gangland boss, Henry Blackwater aka The Eunuch, to Resurrection, NY, the last thing she expects to find is true love let alone werewolves, fairies, talking gargoyles, elves, vampires and sorcerers.  Adam Santini is a police detective for the Resurrection PD who also happens to be a werewolf Alpha in charge of protecting the city from magic drug dealers and other miscreants.  Adam & Ari join forces to take down The Eunuch and solve the mystery of disappearing Talents (beings born with magical powers).  But will Adam & Ari give into the growing attraction between them and finally give love a chance?

Emma Holly is one of my favorite authors and Hidden Talents reaffirms this!  Holly manages to create characters that are personable, intelligent, flawed & sexy.  Her heroines are always smart & full of quirks while her heroes are insanely romantic.

The sex scenes are incredibly hot but never seem awkward or contrived.  In fact, her use of language is so skillful I often stop to think of how fully involved I’ve become in the story.  I want to be friends with these characters!  Have coffee with them!

The other great aspect of Holly’s writing is the plot development.  Holly spends as much time crafting the perfect mystery into this story as she does into making the sex scenes and relationship building believable.  Few authors in the Erotica genre are as successful in this aspect and this trend leads to the Erotica bashing as works that are PWP (Pornos Without Plot).

Buy this book today, pour yourself a glass of wine, sit down in your favorite reading nook and dig into a fun and sexy ride!

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