Review: Hunt the Moon by Karen Chance

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Do you like action? It’s a simple but loaded question. Because if you love non-stop clinging to the edge of your seat action sequences that give any Hollywood blockbuster out there a run for their money than I challenge you to find a better series than the Cassie Palmer books. And guess what? They are written by a woman. Yup – a gal! She’s got a vajayjay and everything.

Not only does she write kick ass action scenes, she includes sophisticated story arcs and intriguing characters and imaginative settings. And sex scenes – oh Lord – the sex scenes! Move over Frost Fans cause I think Chapter 32 just got bitch-slapped by Chapters 15 & 26 in Hunt the Moon. And it’s worth mentioning Jeaniene Frost because imho there are three authors out there who aren’t afraid to write some hard ass, white knuckle fight scenes and those are Karen Chance, Jeaniene Frost & Ilona Andrews. 

Hunt the Moon (Book 5 of The Cassandra Palmer Series) finds Cassie only weeks away from being formally installed as Pythia in a lavish event that will be attended by members of the supe/mage communities from far and wide. It has only been two months since Cassie discovered she was the heir to the Pythian legacy and began learning to use her powers but in that time frame she has been in a constant struggle just to survive as warring factions fight for control of her and the throne. Book 5 finds Cassie fending off a new attack from an unknown foe who is strong enough to possess her even from afar. Cassie’s allies rally to her defense with Pritkin travelling to Fairie and Mircea pulling in vamp masters from around the globe in an effort to protect Cassie 24/7. But it is Jonas who drops the biggest bombs in this book. First, he suggests that Cassie should start dating eligible mages in deference to the PR machine trying to improve Cassie’s image. And secondly – he proffers that Cassie’s new foe may be no other than the Greek god Aries. In the midst of all of this, Cassie has beseeched Mircea for help in finding a moment from the past where Cassie could travel and observe her mother unnoticed. But no one is prepared for what Cassie uncovers during these sessions and the repercussions that will change her life forever.

Fans will love the scenes with Mircea and Pritkin. No spoilers here but it is fair to say that Cassie’s relationship with each man rises to a new level. And a pleasant story line is the growth of Marco’s relationship with Cassie as we learn more about his past and his interest in Cassie in this book. But as always the end of this book raises a truckload of questions as Chance lays the groundwork for the next novel in the series. I’m very excited at the direction the next book will take and looking forward to learning more about Pritkin. Hunt the Moon is a must read.

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