Review: Motor City Wolf by Cindy Spencer Pape

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Greg Novak is the Pack Alpha in Detroit and heir to the pack council leader. Fianna Meadows is an exile from the Seelie Court and Greg’s responsibility. Someone is murdering werewolves in the Detroit area and the Novaks are next 

Greg, his brother George, and his cousin Lana had formed their own pack upon reaching adulthood.  They inherited a bar in Detroit, The New Moon, and have been quietly running their business while trying to stay out of werewolf politics.  Fianna Meadows has been exiled from the Seelie Court after inadvertently taking part in a revolt against the Seelie queen.  Stripped of her fairy powers, Fianna is sentenced to work and live as a human under Greg’s care. The last thing that Greg expected was to become attracted to Fianna and he is awash with guilt for having feelings for someone entrusted to his care.  As the days pass and the attacks become personal, Greg and Fianna can no longer deny the passion between them. 

If you love Alphas who are tall, dark and protective – then you will love Greg Novak. His shaggy bad boy rock star looks are at odds with his paternalistic code of honor for his friends and family. Fianna Meadows may be over 100 years old but she is completely out of her comfort zone in the human world and it is fun to watch her struggle with even the most mundane of tasks.  Fianna’s blasse acceptance of sex as a natural part of life are a perfect match for Greg’s libido.  Smexy shifter sex galore.

There are a few twists and turns as the mystery unfolds.  But overall, the story is not subtle.  Be ready for a few startling scenes towards the end of the book.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Motor City Wolf  is a perfect choice for all those readers who love strong Alpha males and hot smexy love scenes.

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