Review: Shield of Fire by Boone Brux (Originally released under the title Resurrection)

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In many ways, Brux’s work reminds me of the Patricia Briggs Raven Doulogy series – only more sexy.

Resurrection introduces us to a world caught between two opposing forces, The Bane, demons who live in the Shadow World, and The Bringers, a mythical  group of beings dedicated to saving the human race from domination by The Bane. Lady Ravyn Mayfield, orphaned as an infant and left at the doors of Menda Abbey 23 years ago, has always sensed that she was different than the other girls in the Abbey but nothing in her short life has prepared her for the truth. Lured out of the Abbey by a trusted elder only to endure a brutal attack by the demon lord Icarus, Ravyn is saved by the last full blooded Bringer, Rhys Blackwell. Together, Rhys and Ravyn will embark on a journey that will change their lives and the very future of their world.  

Boone Brux’s debut novel is occasionally choppy and unfocused but overall Brux has created an intriguing world where things aren’t always what they seem. Resurrection is full of characters imbued with intriguing powers; demons who act as if they have souls; mythical creatures; and, dirty back room politics pitting personal gain against the survival of the human race. The cornerstone of the book is the relationship that develops between Rhys and Ravyn as they seek to unravel the mystery that surrounds her powers and the Bane’s relentless focus on her capture. Rhys struggles to remain stoically dutiful and distant while protecting Ravyn from the Bane, but Ravyn is intent on living for the moment and wholeheartedly embracing the love she feels for Rhys. Sparks fly – literally – as the lovers spar over their obvious attraction.

Resurrection is the first in a three novel series with parts 2 & 3 scheduled for 2012 releases. If Brux can manage to apply the finesse she used in the first chapter of Resurrection to the rest of the novels, I feel that this series will be a hit.

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