Review: Stone Cold Seduction by Jess Macallan

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Stone Cold Seduction is a hugely enjoyable start to an extremely promising new series. If Stone Cold Revenge and Stone Cold Destiny can deliver on the foundation laid in Stone Cold Seduction, Jess Macallan will be the next star of the Urban Fantasy genre.

Elleodora Fredericks is pretty set in life. She runs her own business making soaps and lotions. She has a great best friend in Teryl, an awesome apartment and a crush on Jax, the hunky new delivery guy she hired a few months ago. Oh and she likes to steal priceless jewels and antiques from her father’s import-export business as a means of getting back at him for the years of abuse and neglect she suffered as a child. And that is our first clue that maybe Elle is more than she appears. In fact, Elle’s whole life will be ripped apart at the seams with every page in Stone Cold Seduction. 

Macallan’s novel is smoothly written and filled with descriptive imagery. Her characters are complex and grow more interesting as the pages turn. This is worth mentioning since many new authors fail to grow the characters in their novels beyond the initial introductions. Additionally, Macallan includes a supporting cast of characters that add depth and flavor to the various story lines she successfully intermingles in this first book of a three part series. Many aspects of Macallan’s writing remind me of Jeanine Frost’s first books in the Night Huntress series including the strong female lead with a dark sense of humor trying to right the world’s wrongs and then finding out she might be part of the problem.

Macallan’s novel is hot and sexy in many chapters thanks to Jax and Elle’s childhood sweetheart, Maclean. How Elle could ever choose between them is beyond me. Take them both! Elle’s world as a whole is filled with intriguing supes including gargoyles, phoenixes, elves, and oracles.

On a final note, the last few chapters of the book had me blinking back tears. Elle’s heartache as she struggles to find something to hold on to that is real and decent in the whirlpool of lies that is steadily engulfing her is valiant and brave. If Macallan does not follow through on such a promising start, I will feel compelled to beat her over the head with my copy of Kostova’s The Historian while labeling her forever as a book tease! Stone Cold Seduction is just that good.

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