Review: The Lost by Caridad Piñero

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Uneven writing, unsympathetic minor characters and lax editing leave me wanting a refund on the time I put into this novel.

Adam Bruno is brilliant, handsome and emotionally isolated in his multi-million dollar business world. Bobbie Carrera is beautiful, independent and severely scarred both physically and emotionally by her war wounds. Thrown together by chance during a kidnapping attempt, Bobbie & Adam join forces to solve the mystery surrounding both the attack and the energy balls that were used to immobilize Adam. Along the way they discover a love that can save them both from their fears, an ancient race of powerful beings who can manipulate energy and a brewing civil war that threatens to obliterate those beings and everyone they love.

Pinero’s work in this novel is uneven with the first half of the book dragging while the second half really shines. The third party narrative that Pinero utilizes is particularly cumbersome in the first half of the book. The characters in the story are only marginally developed in almost a two dimensional fashion. Pinero is really missing an opportunity here to create a stronger story and add depth all the way around. Several characters, themes and myths are introduced and left hanging. Whether this is because Pinero will build upon them in other books is not very clear. And lastly – the repetitive use of the word vigilant in this novel had me feeling like I was playing a drinking game. The word was so overused, I started looking for it on each page and stopped counting after I reached 11.

The sex scenes are many improving as the book goes along and they are not only relegated to the young! No – give Pinero applause for writing sexy scenes for the older couples, as well. Unfortunately I found most of the characters in the story to be unsympathetic and self involved leaving me pretty disinterested in reading anymore about them.

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