Review: The Shadow Wolf by Bonnie Vanak

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Hunky Cajun werewolves, steamy sex scenes, exciting paranormal mythology, and a desperate race against an evil murderer come together in a smoothly written package to deliver a huge burst of romance.

Gabriel Robichaux, the most feared of the Draicon Enforcers, is charged with catching escaped Shadow Wolves and bringing them before the Draicon Council for execution. Megan Moraine, a Shadow Wolf, has escaped the torture of Shadow Island seeking to deliver her twin shadow wolf nieces to the safety of a Shadow friendly family in New Orleans. Megan and the twins land safely in Florida only to find themselves almost immediately in Gabriel’s clutches. As the story unfolds, Megan learns that Gabriel isn’t the bad guy enforcer the Draicons have been lead to believe and that true love can develop even in the most unlikely situations. 

Vanak’s story incorporates all the best of paranormal romance along with several clichés. Overall, the story is smoothly written but halts here in there with writing that is so dramatically over the top it feels like a day time soap opera. The main characters are typical including the sexy experienced lone wolf male (replete with cowboy hat) who only needs to find his mate in order to solve all his problems and conversely the young virginal female who will be forever completed by sexually bonding with her destined mate. Vanak liberally sprinkles the book with “Cajun French” and at time it becomes a distraction.

Vanak shines when creating her world and explaining the mythology around it. Shadow wolves, draicon, demons, vamps, fae, morphs – the list is long and intriguing. I quite enjoyed learning about the rules that governed the supes in her novel. I regret that the end of the novel was so trite but clearly Vanak favors big happy endings. As a side note, I wish Vanak had addressed the issue of birth control and STDs in her novel especially since it was so full of sex.

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