Sundry Marketing Tips for Authors

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  • Facebook – Open a FB page as soon as you start work on your novel, etc. From your personal page, choose the option to “Create a Page” and the format for “Artist, Band or Public Figure”.  Make certain that you include the word “author” in some fashion on your title if you choose to use a different category. Fans will set up pages as you or your work or even your characters the only way to easily distinguish yours is to label it as official or author. In the “About Section” make sure to include all the ways to contact you and the title of your WIP. Your FB page does not need to be updated daily but it is a great way to pre-sell your WIP and build excitement. Choose the non-personal page format because this will allow you to appear in subscriber feeds and interest feeds. This option will also allow people to join your page but doesn’t require your approving them. The personal pages have a cap of 5,000 fans but a professional page does not have a cap. Also – your favorite blogging/professional sites cannot access personal pages. This means that we cannot “like” a personal profile or share posts written by a personal profile. These are important points. If we cannot access your page or share your marketing posts – what’s the point?
  • Twitter – Open a Twitter account. Again – this is your professional Twitter account so designate that in some way by using “Official” or Author somewhere in the description. Twitter users like statements. You can also cross link your Twitter and FB accounts so that you only have to update one and it will copy onto the other site as well.  NYC publishers love Twitter! They may not have FB pages but they will have a Twitter account and they love impromptu Twitter parties. Once you are on Twitter, “Follow” all the authors and publishing companies that you admire. Spend a few days watching the activity that will appear in your feed. You will notice the style of the tweets, the timing (some folks are night owls), etc. and who follows who. Many agents and editors use Twitter more than FB. Here is where you get the real scoop on what they are thinking. It is also a great  way to touch base with many bloggers/reviewers and see what they like. Their FB sites and Blogs tend to be more polished final works, while Twitter provides off the cuff remarks and observations that will give you an idea of what they like.
  • Pinterest/Tumblr – These are heavily visual mediums for adding layers to your work. As you are doing research or writing, you can Pin or Post the picture of the French chateau that inspired the castle in chapter three. You can Pin/post the album cover for the song you listened to while writing the love scene. I think you get the picture. ;-D
  • Web Pages – Buy your domain name (including all possible extensions .net, .com, .biz) for your name and each of your novels. Include a shot bio; information on your WIP, all the gazillion ways they can contact you including an email address!!! It is usually pretty easy to get email addresses to match your domain name. For example is my website, and is my email. You can have variations for your purposes:;, etc.  Many authors make the mistake of waiting until they have sold their WIP  but frankly they are missing an opportunity to use these tools to market themselves to editors, agents, bloggers, publishers, etc. They are easy to set up and are not expensive. Contact me if you would like some names. And it goes without saying that links to your Twitter account, FB pages, Pinterest page and Tumblr should be on the front page of your website.
  • Legal – Check out
  • Also check out our Writers Workshop and Resources

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