#TheWritersVoice and #WVTP: How Twitter Is Changing The Way You Query

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I stumbled  on a series of tweets the other night that were flying fast a furious. I’m still piecing together all the details of this most unusual contest. From what I can gather, a group of literary agents from various agencies joined together for two different events. The first event, #TheWritersVoice was modeled after the TV show “The Voice”. An agent or perhaps more than one would take a query writer under their wing to help them polish to perfection a 250 word query – I think? It is actually somewhat difficult to get all the details because everything is on Twitter.

Then #WVTP started to grow all over Twitter!  And the tweets were amazing! New authors were gushing at having agents interested in their 140 letter tweet. One author bemoaned having to choose between TWO agents!

So – writers, I have collected as much information as I can get and will be listing it on this post. In the meantime, if you have Twitter, read these posts and start following these hash tags and participants. They all seem very friendly and willing to share their experiences. If you don’t have Twitter – sign up NOW. It is a free medium that allows you to engage with countless authors, agents, publishers, fans, bloggers, etc.  The content on Twitter will vary from what you see on Facebook and on websites so this is very worth your while.

I hope that some of the participants will comment on this blog or on Twitter and provide us with more details so that this audience will have a chance to participate in the next competition.

http://motherwrite.blogspot.com/2012/05/all-about-writers-voice-twitter-pitch.html  Krista Van Dolzer from motherwrite.blogspot.com has the most detailed information.

“If you want to play…

Pitch your finished manuscript on the hashtag #WVTP. (In other words, your Twitter pitch must include the hashtag #WVTP; otherwise, the agents will only see it if they’re already following you.) You may pitch anytime you see an agent online–just don’t go crazy and pitch more than once during an agent visit. We will monitor the hashtag and gently inform you if you’re being obnoxious.

The agents will be hopping in and out of the feed during the party hours (12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m. EDT tomorrow) and tweeting their requests for the manuscripts that pique their interests. Simple, right? Not if more than one makes a request on the same pitch!

Keeping in the spirit of “The Writer’s Voice,” if two or more agents request the same pitch, you must choose one of them and announce it in the feed. (They promise not to hold any rejections against you.)

If you get a request…

You must e-mail us at TheWritersVoiceContest(at)gmail(dot)com and tell us which agent requested your work. We’ll verify the request and send you the agent’s submission guidelines.

So get your Twitter pitches ready and meet us at #WVTP tomorrow, May 24, at 12:00 noon EDT. Anyone may enter, including “The Writer’s Voice” finalists and even other writers who didn’t make it into the contest, so it’s sure to be a party! And don’t forget to check out the agents’ Twitter feeds to get a feel for what they’re looking for:

John M. Cusick as @johnmcusick
Vickie Motter as @Vickie_Motter
Natalie M. Lakosil as @Natalie_Lakosil
Pam van Hylckama as @BookaliciousPam
Hannah Bowman as @hannahnpbowman

Good luck! Feel free to leave any questions you might have in the comments below.”


I was not 100% sure if this next group was involved in #WVTP but their names appeared so I thought I would add them. The site id filled with great information.  http://querytracker.blogspot.com/2009/04/dreaded-pitch-what-to-include-in-that.html

Posted 4/30/2009 09:00:00 AM by Carolyn Kaufman | @CMKaufman

As you may or may not know, I recently judged the first QueryTracker blog contest ever —I chose the top four one-sentence pitches out of 585 entries! And out of those entries, 25% of them weren’t even pitches at all. Now that might have made my job easier, but let’s make it so that the next agent to judge that contest has to pick the winners out of 100%, shall we?The pitch line. In the movie industry these are known as log lines. Your pitch can also be your hook, but your hook doesn’t necessarily need to be your pitch. Confused yet? Well, I’m going to try and clear it up for you.The pitch needs to convey three things: the plot, the genre and the tone of the story. And it needs to convey these things in one concise sentence. It doesn’t need dialogue, it doesn’t need a cast list, it doesn’t necessarily need the title and it definitely doesn’t need the word count—and before you snicker at this advice, you should know that these are common mistakes. And they’re not the only ones.Think about the winning entry: When you look into someone’s eyes, you see their soul, but when sixteen-year-old Emerson Taylor kisses their lips, she sees their pasts.This entry gives me enough of the plot to get me interested, I know that it’s a YA with a girl protagonist, and it definitely conveys the mysterious, paranormal tone. AND, of course, it’s concise!The End.Just kidding.

I know it’s not as easy as that. How do you know what techniques are wrong? What kind of pitches actually work? What are the other common mistakes? How do you know if you’re making them if I don’t tell you what they are?!?!

Okay, okay…I’ll try. These are the five most frequent incorrect pitch types that I’ve seen…..”

This blog is from one of the participants who actually won #WVTP.  Read her commentary on the whole contest process. http://monibw.blogspot.com/2012/03/agent-hannah-bowman-has-chosen-winners.html
Last but not least is a website called The Writer’s Voice. http://ourbooksourvoice.blogspot.com/p/authors-interested-in-participating.html   Again – I apologize that I’m not 100% certain how everyone works together to plan these Twitter Pitch Parties but it is clear that all of these folks have a hand in the process.

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